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For patients
Elimination of shame

. Patients feel ashamed when someone else changes their diapers even though they are family members or close friends.

. In case of using a diaper, there are times when wastes remain on a diaper no matter how short a time it might be.
It causes a skin trouble and gives a very unpleasant feeling.
As Evercare automatically senses, sucks and cleans wastes before drying, patients can feel pleasant all the time!!!
Healthy diet
. If patients wear a diaper, they reduce the consumption of foods and water feeling sorry for giving troubles to care givers.
Emotional stability
. As it enables patients to defecate and urinate for themselves without othersĄŻ help, it provides convenience 24/7.
For care givers
. Care givers do not have to dispose of wastes remaining on the skin at a time of exchanging diapers, and they do not have to go through problems related to sanitation caused by diapers placed in a room or a balcony.
Economic benefits
. It helps reduce costs of purchasing paper diapers.
(5,000 won/day, 1.8 million won/year, 700 won per 1 diaper & 7 to 8 diapers used every day)
. It helps drastically reduce auxiliary costs required at a time of exchanging diapers.
(Tissue, water tissue, antiseptic and etc.)
More free time
. As an automatic system deals with defecation and urination, a care giver does not have to be with a patient all day having more free time. (Groceries shopping, shopping and house chores)
Comfortable sleep
. A care giver is heavily burdened with dealing with patentsĄŻ wastes day and night.
If a care giver experiences fatigue caused by a lack of sleep, a patent attempts to hold their defecation and urination, and it causes not only a mental stress, but it might also result in cystitis or constipation.
Evercare is an automatic system that operates 24 hours a day, and as it does not generate any noises, both patients and care givers can have a good sleep at night.
Comfortable sleep
. One of two care givers is 60 years old or older: It is physically difficult for the elderly to change diapers.
    elderly hygiene
. Aging society with a low rate of child birth: As of 2002, the rate of child birth was 1.17, and one out of 10 was a senior citizen. By 2020, one out of five is expected to be an elderly person, and by 2040, one out of two is expected to be an old person.
Reduced mental stress
. Taking care of a patient requires not only physical costs such as money, but it also causes a mental stress.